Um, so, in continuing with our couples trend today...

Have you heard about these two? Akama Miki is 12, a Canadian child model and, evidently, aspiring singer. Zhang Muyi is 24, a Chinese pop star. HuffPo just ran a story today that they might be in love. He’s been her music mentor since she was 8. They’ve been exchanging online love messages. He told her recently that he can’t wait for 4 more years to pass so they can be together....

WHAT THE F-----------------CKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK??????????????????????

Obviously this has prompted a series of emails back and forth between Duana, Sasha, and me, and Maria’s been Jesus Christing all over my inbox too and begging me to talk to my ma about it for the proper translation in the Chinese papers but I don’t know if I want to engage my ma today in a discussion about pervs. 

Anyway, I’m lazy, so instead of writing about it, I’m just copying and pasting our exchange because that’s when the revelation/reminder happened. Like... CELINE DION?!?

So....horrifying, or Celine? Did Rene only get away with being a pedo because she was about to provide for all 96 members of her immediate family?

Holy shit I always forget about Celine because it's like she was born 40.

Also, why is she/he waiting for four more birthdays!??!!?  doesn’t he have to wait for 8 more?!?

Why am I laughing? Am I a sick f-ck?
OH YEAH CELINE AND RENE AND SHE WAS 12 TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here for the full article at HuffPo.