The Oscars are over.

It’s the summer box office now that is the new priority.

Today a full trailer for The Avengers was released. Here, watch:


I like it. A LOT.

And Scarjo is allowed to speak now! This time, it’s Jeremy Renner who’s been reduced to background. Still, in that final shot of the 6 of them getting ready for battle, I had to laugh at the fact that all she has is a little gun in her hand when the rest of them are all tricked out with hammers, shields, rockets, and the like. Since she’s the only girl we get, please, please, please let her represent with her powers of persuasion and a formidable brain.

Then that crazy mechanical lizard spaceship Transformer comes roaring around the building and it’s OH SH-T Joss Whedon, I think you did good! I especially think it might be good whenever Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor get together to beat the sh-t out of each other. Also, what are the chances that Loki’s such a badass villain, you end up wanting him to win?

Promising, right? Very, very promising.