My interviews with The Avengers from the weekend junket will be airing on etalk all week. Proper reviews are still embargoed but apparently the geeks are more than satisfied with what Joss Whedon has accomplished. Like we’re talking mega nerd approval.

Me I have no idea what the nerds want. What I wanted was more than just special effects and explosions. And what happens is that all of that becomes the background and everything else that’s great makes the movie. Including the chemistry between RDJ and Mark Ruffalo. Please. You just peed a little, right? Ruffalo was paired with Scarlett Johansson for the junket. This is how she and I bonded: we spent the entire time fawning over him together. She was probably teasing him; me I was totally serious.

Scarlett is so much more attractive in person that she has been in photographs lately. And that “wit” that people keep referring to in describing her, there was a glimpse of that this weekend when she kept talking about “getting famous people colds”. As in colds from famous people. Sam Jackson had passed one on to her, and her friend Bradley Cooper...

“I keep getting famous people colds”, she repeated.

So my friend Teri asked her, “What’s the difference between a famous person cold and a not famous person cold?”

Scarlett: “Oh they’re the same, only more self-indulgent and narcissistic.”

Does anyone else find it amusing that Scarlett calls famous people “famous people”? How do they really see themselves? Remind me to tell you about the Junket Game next time.

So here they are, without Chris Evans, promoting The Avengers in Russia today as they make their way across Europe to pump up the international box office. This will be a big number. Combined with the domestic projection which could be upwards of $150 million on opening weekend, this is looking like a very, very big number.

PS. Tom Hiddleston dedicated article - coming today, I promise.