Brad. Becks. Both rock the pants and both have the Daddy Quiver Factor. Yum.

Check it – David and Victoria take Romeo shopping yesterday. And David with Romeo at the Galaxy game in the family box. He’s even hotter when he’s with his boys, non?

My favourite rumour circulating around the UK airline industry right now – take with a grain of salt…the Brits just hate her so.

Heard from a source about the Beckhams’ family flight over to America:

So they’re in the first class lounge before their flight. Becks immediately tends to the boys – he says he’s the “mum” of the family – ordering up pasta for them but asking for no tomato sauce as he doesn’t want them to arrive dirty and messy on the other side. For himself, feeling a bit knackered, he calls up some dessert and cola.

Meanwhile Victoria is supposedly on the other end of the room, apparently completely disinterested, completely immersed in an issue of – what else? – Vogue. No cake and delight for Posh however. No no. For Posh, I’m told it was simply 7 grapes – SEVEN grapes – and a mug of hot water. And sunglasses on the entire time.

Bullsh-t? You decide. But I do love Posh. And the Posh that I love would totally only eat 7 grapes.