London Marathon yesterday. There was a Beckham in the race. It was Romeo. He ran in the children’s race for charity, cheered on by his parents and two brothers, all of them wearing Team Romeo t-shirts. The children’s race is 3 miles. So juuuust under 5km. Romeo completed it 18 minutes 54 seconds. Um, to me, that’s fast. I’m happy if I finish 5km in less than half an hour. That said, he’s 12 and I’m old.

God I love Victoria. It’s a f-cking marathon and she still has to be there in 6 inches. And that’s not exactly a forgiving surface for the soles. There’s another celebrity advantage. Because if you spent that kind of money on shoes, you’d worry about wrecking them AT THE LONDON MARATHON. If you had 6 pairs of them though, who gives a sh-t, right?

I just don’t understand how she stands the pain. The pain of walking. As a VIP, I’m sure they had their vehicle access close to the venue, but still, it’s not like they were driving her around in a golf cart either.

Speaking of shoes, since Brooklyn has become a bit of a style addict himself, check out these kicks he posted on Instagram, even though he was really showing off his watch:




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Fame and fashion, it’s the family business, see?