I thought Andrew Garfield did a great job on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Good energy, good commitment, and of course Emma Stone was part of it. Definitely one of the strongest hosts of the season. Even his closing remarks were endearing. And did you see them at the end there, before they hugged? She was like, “You did it!” And the 14 year old in me almost cried.

The best sketch of the night? No question, The Beygency. Do NOT f-ck with the Beysus. Look at the Beysus face at the Raptors-Nets game on Friday night. WHYYY would anyone want to mess with that? But can we have a side conversation about Drake?

Drake went into their house that night wearing their colours. A black and white varsity jacket. That’s not North. That’s definitely Brooklyn. And his team lost. So on Sunday, at home, he put on a Raptors sweatshirt, fine. But then it sort of kind of looked like he was wearing a leather NEW YORK baseball cap. #BadFengShui is what I’m saying.

Beyonce can handle getting spoofed for her power. You know she loves it. You know she didn’t mind.

But what about spoofing Justin Timberlake for being a goddamn famewhore who makes everything about him? ME ME ME ME ME ME.

Andrew might graciously explain that he called up JT, with whom he worked on The Social Network, to let him know it was all in good fun but…

Remember when Andrew and Jesse Eisenberg kinda meangirled JT during promoting for TSN? Click here for a refresher. They knew back then. They knew. Andrew knows. He knows that JT makes all the moments about JT. You know who else does that? Mariah Carey. Now how do you think JT feels about having that reputation?

Family Feud ~ SNL Hosted by Andrew Garfield by HumanSlinky