Turns out the initial post yesterday … you know, this photo:


A preview to an entire Beyoncé Pregnancy Package and there are So.Many.Pictures. More floral vomits. On top a car (Kathleen’s favourite)…



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Several with Blue:



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#Beyonce #Blue

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And underwater:


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In black and white and boho:



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Terry Richardson styles:


Congrats @Beyonce x1000!

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See more at the Beylite Instagram.

The Fader is reporting that Awol Erizku was the photographer. That’s Beyoncé, continuing to support the black creative class.

The full Beyoncé Pregnancy Package is available on her website, Beyonce.com. She dropped the motherload overnight, calling it I Have Three Hearts. It includes heretofore unseen images of her with Blue, like this one… 

…and also a lot of shots of her with Jay, in love and so happy, because remember when we were all wondering whether or not Lemonade meant that she was leaving him? Beyoncé has never, ever explained her work, provided us with analysis of the significance, given us any answers. As I’ve written repeatedly, Beyoncé does her own work but she is not here to do our work. She wants to be studied. And so, all along, while everyone else was trying to figure out what the f-ck, she was making her babies.  

In addition to the photos, Beyonce has also included the words of from Warsan Shire:

Warsan Shire is the poet who was featured in Lemonade. I don’t know when this was written. I don’t know if this was written specifically FOR Beyoncé. It’s not impossible. But it’s also possible that Warsan wrote this a while ago. And….well… Beyoncé just made it come true.

The Beyoncé Pregnancy Package is extra. SO extra.

As it goddamn should be!

What I love about all of this is that she’s basically acting royal. You know how royal families have an obligation to share their news with the public? That’s Beyoncé right now. She’s like, my people, I know you have needed this, needed me. And I am doing my duty, as I always do, as your Queen.