The Bridge Season 1 Episode 11 recap

Third to last episode. Really starting to get a “let’s just get this over with” vibe from The Bridge. Season one hasn’t been a total wash, but they have squandered the best element of the show, the rich environments of El Paso and Juarez, in favor of a pretty rote procedural story centered on a boring serial killer. David Tate is the worst. And where did Creepy Steven go?! He’s the best part of the show at this point.

Oh look, it’s Shady Ray disposing of Don Swayze’s body. Does anyone care about Rich Widow and her ranch?

Shady Ray is: wearing a puka shell necklace and saying to himself, “Stay cool, bro.”
Shady Ray does: bypass the machete for the gold-plated pistol.

I feel this sums up Shady Ray’s character.

He does have the sense to make it look like the random cartel thug he killed (with the gold-plated pistol) shot Don Swayze, but does that actually work? It didn’t work in season one of Justified.

I miss you, Justified. I love you, Justified! …Come back?

This makes me sound so mean, but I just do not care about David Tate’s family. If the show had spent the first half the season setting up David vs. Marco, then fine, maybe I would care. But by the time they revealed David Tate and explained about his family, I was into Serial Killer Doug, the missing girls, Christina Fuentes, and crazy racists in the desert. Nothing about the first half of the season justifies David Tate’s family.

And now we’re having a showdown on the bridge where it all started, David vs. Marco, with Tate in a bomb vest and Gus’s fate hanging in the balance.

Hank busts Sonya on her lying about Marco going off with Tate, and she has a revelation about Gus’s whereabouts because of the sound of water in the tap. She’s off to Tate’s uncle’s house while Hank and Cub Reporter head to the bridge.

They have Matthew Lillard on the bridge, too.

I feel that explaining how a bomb vest works is filler for lack of real, propulsive dialogue. Which is the entire problem with David Tate. HE IS NOT INTERESTING.

I would actually love it if Marco shot Matthew Lillard. Because at least that would be interesting. But there’s no way that actually happens. The Bridge hasn’t been that dark since like, the third episode.

They’re just standing around talking. Blah blah blah, my family, my son, blah blah blah.

And Marco does not shoot Matthew Lillard but Tate does anyway. Sigh.

Sonya deduces that Gus has been walled up in the uncle’s house, Cask of Amontillado style. Ron Swanson is like, “Well sh*t.” They get to Gus just as the water tank is filled. Shock and drama! Or, you know, boring and predictable.

Sonya takes off for the bridge—her saving Gus is not going to help his crush at all—while Marco and Tate continue to jerk off on the bridge.

How many times has Tate asked Marco if he knows what it’s like to lose everything? The answer hasn’t changed, dipsh*t.

In a terrible display of literalism, Tate is wearing a black shirt and Sonya a white one, and they’re standing on opposite sides of Marco, entreating him to kill, or not kill. JESUS CHRIST.

At last, a real surprise. Gus actually did die. And Sonya can’t lie, so Marco figures it out, but before he can shoot Tate, Sonya shoots them both. That was a good turn. I mean good as in “well done”, not “good that Gus is dead”. He was the one decent person on this show. Poor Gus. But Kruger and Bichir handle the scene well.

Another good spot—a Hank and Sonya moment. One of the bright points all season has been their relationship and it remains delightful, even in the more serious moments.

Poor Sonya. She’s really trying to be there for Marco and he’s too gone on grief to deal with it. She calls them friends, but he’s like, “No, we were just partners,” and kicks her out. Given his grief, that’s totally understandable, but Sonya will take it literally.

Matthew Lillard is still alive! But he’s all f*ked up from the fall. Cub Reporter goes to see him, which is sweet. Their relationship has also been handled really well. Basically David Tate has managed to ruin a lot of interesting subplots with his supreme lameness.

Marco sees Gus in the morgue. The episode ends as he limps out of the hospital, alone. There’s suddenly a lot of dust in here.

Attached – Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson out for dinner the other day.