The Bridge Season 1 Episode 7 recap

Last week my neighborhood experienced a blackout, which meant I missed The Bridge, which meant no recap. But after catching up, the takeaways from episode six are that truculent teen Gina, who was introduced only to witness Serial Killer Doug serial killing her father, was herself serial-killed, the man who killed Sonya’s sister (played by Coover Bennett) was permanently brain damaged courtesy Hank, and Marco’s father co-founded a cartel with Fausto’s father, which Fausto in now running. Also Marco is a sh*t dad and Rich Widow’s shady Florida friend, Ray, is shady, and Doug likely has a mole in the police department.

On to episode seven.

Shady Ray is already at it, in bed with Graciela to start running guns through Rich Widow’s tunnel. Also, “in bed” is not figurative—he does her in the backseat while her driver just sits there. Which is fun?

Marco is still crashing with Sonya. They’re both remarkably cool about the fact that she accidentally detonated his marriage.

Close up dental work. Gross. But some guy sees a picture of the El Paso desert and recognizes something. And then cut to Marco’s wife predictably kicking him out.

So Rich Widow is in on the gun running scheme, but Ray doesn’t tell her about the backseat sex. I wouldn’t either.

Following a lead from the cop car Doug used to get to Gina’s dad, Sonya and Marco search the desert lair of one Jack Childress and find guns and maps and a manuscript. You know, the serial killer starter kit.

Sonya wears this jacket in every episode, an acid wash jean jacket with animal print shoulders and, it turns out, a silk-screened horse on the back. It’s like they’ve tried to find the tackiest, most objectively terrible clothing item they could and then keep forcing Diane Kruger to wear it, but she’s so goddamn stylish she carries it off like Chanel.

Alma is now cheating on Marco. Dammit, it’s like they want me to dislike everyone.

Thomas Wright is giving a killer performance as Creepy Steven. He was good on Top of the Lake, but this is some crazy sh*t he’s throwing down. By far the most interesting and compelling—and likeable—person on the show.

Creepy Steven finds missing girls and takes them to some dude…why? De-programming, detox? He’s looking for a girl named Sara, who’s banging Fausto, so that whole thing doesn’t go well. Ends with Creepy Steven fleeing.

Matthew Lillard is attempting to get clean and has the shakes, which means Adriana is on her own to chase down the Jack Childress lead. His delivery of “go get ’em tiger” isn’t half as good as Gutterson’s.

Aha, the dental work guy was the weird deputy, Stokes.

Sonya, Marco, Hank and Cooper search a trailer park for Jack Childress. This is probably The Bridge’s greatest strength at this point: world building through plot-driven devices.

Naked-cock-sock-electronica-trailer-park-hippy is now my favorite person EVER.


Just as Deputy Stokes is about to share whatever theory he made up in the dentist’s office with Marco, he gets his face blown off by Jack Childress. As in, we see his face and it is LITERALLY BLOWN OFF. It is INCREDIBLY GRAPHIC.


Tightly edited scene of the dudes searching for Jack Childress while Sonya talks to him on the phone ends with Jack and Sonya facing off and shooting one another. Thanks to her bulletproof vest, Sonya is okay, though they realistically portray the impact of a bullet to the chest still does a lot of damage, even with a vest.

Sonya isn’t convinced that Jack Childress is Doug because Jack is insane and maybe Doug isn’t.

Cesar warns Rich Widow about Shady Ray’s involvement with Graciela but she kind of blows him off. And then she asks if she can trust Shady Ray while they’re having sex, because yeah, he’s totally going to be honest in that moment.

Matthew Lillard is maybe dying and Sonya is maybe choking herself. Separately, not together.

I don’t know if Jack Childress is Serial Killer Doug or not, but I do know that Deputy Stokes getting his face blown off CANNOT BE UNSEEN.

Attached – Demian Bichir out for lunch last week.