The Bridge Season 1 Episode 8 recap.

We’re halfway through season one of The Bridge and so far, it’s been a consistently good show that just misses being truly great. What we’re missing is someone to really care about. We don’t know enough about the original victims, Judge Gates and Cristina Fuentes, to feel much for them, and everyone else is an unlikeable asshole. Sonya is a little sympathetic because she clearly has An Issue, though they’ve not yet officially explained it so I wonder how many people are watching and going, “What is up with that weird chick?”. Marco started as our proxy for the good and decent side of life, but then he had that random affair with Rich Widow and that went out the window. We’re left with Creepy Steven, and it might be a problem when your most likeable character was a strong option for the serial killer.

Reminder: Crazy racist asshole Jack Childress might be Serial Killer Doug, except Sonya didn’t really think so and she’s basically Sherlock Holmes.

Flashback: Six years ago, Matthew Lillard was a coked-out asshole with no pants who hung out at a strip club called The Play Pen.

Sure enough, Jack Childress is claiming he knows nothing about Judge Gates and Cristina Fuentes and the rest of it. And while everyone else celebrates, Sonya goes back to ask him about the stuff he claims was stolen, including his crazy-filled notebooks. He says the Feds were the ones primarily harassing him. Everyone hates the Feebs, and blames them for everything.

Finally getting a decent scene with Marco’s son, Gus. They have a strained relationship, classic you-didn’t-spend-enough-time-with-me stuff.

Shady Ray is up to something shady at Rich Widow’s ranch.

Sonya thinks she has a lead, an ex-FBI agent named David Tate who investigated Childress, but Marco knew him and he’s dead. Still, Childress seems too easy, right? It’s what Sonya said in the previous episode. Doug is smart and methodical, whoever he is. Childress is just a crazy racist.

Matthew Lillard is getting sober but he’s still an asshole. I suppose Cub Reporter could be the character we could root for, but we don’t see enough of her.

Things we now know about David Tate: His wife and son were killed in a car accident, he went off the rails, got fired, went to Juarez and killed himself. Except he was unrecognizable and was ID’ed from his driver license, then was cremated. Sonya thinks he faked his own death.

Creepy Steven! The show always picks up when he’s on screen. He’s having weird sex dreams about that girl he tried to rescue (kidnap?) in Juarez.

Diane Kruger does a great job with these “Sonya tries to relate to people” scenes.

I cannot remember this other detective’s name—I know, shocking, right?—so I’m just calling him Ron Swanson, because of his luxuriant mustache. He’s found a body under the sidewalk at Childress’s house. Hank is like, “Well sh*t.”

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Ron Swanson doesn’t know Sonya has Asperger’s. Because if he did, calling her a “village idiot savant” would be unspeakably cruel. As it is, it’s just plain cruel.

Poor Cub Reporter. Her mom is like, “Get a boyfriend or God will hate you.”

And now poor Gus and his inappropriate crush on Sonya. Although the scene does go some way to teasing out her Asperger’s. I really like the single-shot framing—it emphasizes her inability to make eye contact without hitting you over the head with it.

Matthew Lillard’s rich friend in Juarez denies knowing him to Cub Reporter. Dun dun dunnn.

The guns Rich Widow and Shady Ray sent to Graciela were bugged. DUN DUN DUNNN.

OMG. The body under the sidewalk, Kenneth Hastings, has a current driver’s license. Marco recognizes the photo as David Tate, so he’s not dead. And guess who he is? The guy f*cking Marco’s wife!

The guy boning Mrs. Marco = Kenneth Hastings = David Tate = DOUG. I can’t with this.

Well this was predictable from the moment Doug saw the rich Juarez guy across the room—he’s the one who killed Doug’s family in a hit and run, and Doug slits his throat in the bathroom. Oh and this must be the tie to the flashback—he was partying with Matthew Lillard six years ago, around the time he killed Doug’s family.

The bead Doug left on the rich kid’s body came from a necklace Marco’s lover wore. He recognizes it, makes the correct deduction, and loses his sh*t. …And his lover was Jill Tate, as in, Doug’s wife. Jesus, when Marco f*cks up, he really F*CKS UP.

Ahhh, Mrs. Marco! Run away! Run away!

So now we know who Doug really is (an ex-Feeb—figures. Everyone hates them anyway), and he has Mrs. Marco in his clutches. And Marco isn’t just an investigator anymore, now he’s right in the middle of Doug’s crazy serial killer plot. Just f*cking great, Marco.