Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson, and Mireille Enos joined director Atom Egoyan at the photo call for their film The Captive today in Cannes. They all look great. Unfortunately the film…was not well received. Grace Of Monaco was already a bust at the festival and it looks like The Captive is getting similar reviews. Variety called it “ludicrous”. The Playlist wasn’t kind either. And The Wrap says it deserved the boos. So far it looks like Mike Leigh’s Mr Turner is the only film that’s delivered. But we still have the weekend.

And besides, we still have the carpet and pretty dresses. I am all about Rosario Dawson’s print clashing with the shoes here. And she’s making me jealous with her half-shaved head. Also, this is what Blake is good for. When she shows up at The Captive gala premiere, I promise there won’t be any boos. Distraction!