It’s a world holiday.

It SHOULD be a world holiday.

Like, your boss would have totally understood. And if that bitch who sits next to you wasn’t at work today, she’s a Brangelunatic. Trust.


Because oh holy mother of all holy children... THE CHOSEN ONE TURNED THREE TODAY!!!!!


Remember when she was born?

Baby Jesus had to go into hiding. He was eclipsed by the never seen beauty and magnificence of one Shiloh Jolie Pitt.

At least that’s how we were made to feel.

Brangelunatics the world over drained blood in offering. Like there had never, ever, ever in the history of mankind been born a child. She was the First Child.

And now she’s 3.

Am shocked hasn’t dedicated their entire page to her today.

Even I forgot until eTalk reminded me.

Which means, f-ck!, a hex on my house for at least a month.

Please merciful Shiloh, don’t make my party suck. Just let me have a good party.

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