In person – unbelievably goodlooking AND Hobbit-free AND a PERFECT nose. Even more perfect than Courteney Cox’s nose. So perfect she’s now my Nose Idol. If I could replace my own Hawk Honker with Evangeline’s perky little pointer, I’d die a happy bitch. Here’s Evangeline at the Geminis – dress was rather ordinary but poor thing was stepped on and it ripped, though she handled herself beautifully. No fuss, no tantrum, and she did the ENTIRE carpet. It wasn’t a long carpet but it was more than most “crossover” stars will do, especially since she was considered THE major arrival of the evening. Interesting to note: Evangeline has a cute little body – toned arms, nice back, small waist…but she’s also not about to disappear. Not that it looks that way on television either but you’d be surprised. After being in LA for a week and seeing celebrities on a daily basis, they are ALL tinier than you would expect. And I mean ridiculously tiny. Evangeline Lilly is not ridiculously tiny – thank Goddess. She is, however, shorter than listed – aren’t they all? On IMDB it says 5 ft 5. We were both wearing 3 inch heels, I’m 5 ft 3, maybe 5 ft 3 and a half if it’s a day for lying, she was exactly the same height, and in our shoes we were both bigger than Lukas. Hee.