I love Simon Cowell. Mostly because he’s a prick, but also because he has brought the Hoff back to our lives on a weekly basis. For this, Simon deserves my endless gratitude. The Hoff is one of 3 judges on Simon’s new project, some cockamie show about finding talented people in America and yes, I could totally google it right now and get the proper name but really…does it matter??? What matters is that The Hoff is back! A littler older, a littler grayer, definitely a little less taut…but look at the subtle angle of his head and the stylish Hoff way he’s holding his glasses, try to imagine a full body shot here, and you can see his right leg extended away from his body, the pose of all poses, the patented Hoff front step, perfected over all these years…and YES YES YES YES gossips! The Hoff still has it! The Hoff forever! Long Live the Hoff!