I don’t care who made this dress, whatever the label, whatever the hype, at best it’s the office Christmas party, in reality it’s $39.99 at Walmart, Kmart, Fashion Mart…whatever budget mart you can think of that showcases cast-off material from the school dance recital or a figure skating competition, take your pick…to say nothing of the assy footwear. Seriously…that’s, like, Asian market footwear. Believe me, I know. You go past the stalls, you hear the bartering, burned dvds, copycat Vuittons, and shoes like this sold for “cheap cheap! I give you cheap cheap!” At $1 million per ep during the last season of Friends, are you telling me this is the best Courteney Cox can do? Well then let’s hope Dirt is a success, non? I saw the pilot episode – surprisingly raunchy, Courteney plays a superbitch a la Bonnie Fuller quite convincingly, meant to expose the dark underbelly of tabloid journalism without much implication of celebrity strategised involvement. Realistic? You tell me.