I know it"s been hard to let go of the Hoff. I know it took me weeks to wean off his Hofftastic teet. But it must be done gossips. As I said several weeks ago, the Hoff is over. There can be no more Hoff when he"s pimping the Hoff so actively, when the Hoff becomes calculated cheese, instead of just plain natural cheese. Goodbye Hoff forever. Let us move on. And move on we did. First to Connery and now to Mimi. Mimi is the true heir. Who but Mimi would wear oversized panties on tour, proudly oblivious to the snark? Who else could love herself so shamelessly and demand that you do the same? Who else could own that fine balance between irresistible and f&cking ridiculous and make you adore her even more in the process? THAT my friends is the essence of Mimi. Praise Mimi. Love live Mimi. Mimi for life! Photos from https://www.dlisted.blogspot.com/