Why is it taking so long for the 90210 DVDs to come out??? Who cares about the first season? I want the summer in Paris season - the best season ever! Do you remember Dylan and Kelly in the pool? At the beach? And that song??? Damn - I wish I was your lover. Sigh. I loved that show. And I loved Dylan. In fact, I love him still. There"s a beautiful line from Shakespeare in Love, just before Viola leaves Will and asks him to "write her well" for Twelfth Night and he looks at her with a lifetime of love and devotion and says: "You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die." And she replies, "Nor you for me." Oh Gawd. I"m going to cry just writing it out. Anyway, this is how I feel when I see the preternaturally preserved Luke Perry. He will never age for me. He will always be the brooding, troubled, sideburned ball of hotness that melted my loins at 17. Dylan forever... Dylan forever. PS. I am NOT his stalker. Who the hell would stalk Luke Perry anyway???