Why can"t men just bald gracefully? My father had the same problem. He lost his at 25 and rocked the combover for the next 2 decades. At the time, I was too young to recognise or ridicule. Besides, he was an immigrant, new to Canada, and learning about acceptable hair etiquette wasn"t exactly high on his list of priorities. Let"s forgive my dad. Since when did sparse on top, heavy on bottom become the new middleage must for Hollywood actors? First Hanks, now Cage. But in Tom"s case, it was to inhabit a Robert Langdon that clearly should have gone to a younger actor. So what is Nic"s excuse? Perhaps the bi product of taking a teenage mail order bride? Assy hair in the name of art is one thing. Assy hair in the name of keeping up with the child you married is something else entirely. Does it surprise you that Nicolas Cage is not a Scientologist? He seems like a slamdunk candidate, don"t you think??? Wait. IS he a Scientologist? Or was it just Lisa Marie?