It must be a week for seconds. And this makes it twice in 6 months. Not so sweet for a so called fashion icon, wouldn"t you say??? So here"s the thing: If you have a face like this and that face happens to be struggling with 40 and a certain very pronounced witch boil has decided to park itself on your chin for all eternity - would you pull your hair back in such a severe bun and show the world how truly overrated you are??? The problem with SJP is that she"s constantly trying to be all couture classy fashionista. And in her Patricia Field-less mind, sweeping it up this tightly probably "worked" with the ensemble. But who the f*ck cares what she"s wearing if her mug looks like pure hideous horror??? If I was her, I"d shake that gorgeous mane (she does have great hair, doesn"t she) and have it frame her face - a pleasant distraction from the horse head you all seem to worship. Oh - and if there"s any doubt about how she fared tonight - just look at her husband"s expression. Gay men have the best taste in the world and this poor dandy pants looks like he"s about to vomit.