Duana’s coming in later with some thoughts on the industry significance of the Emmy Awards. I’m here with the superficial. Like what they wore and why people in television insist on dressing themselves as second class citizens. The Emmys have the advantage of not being placed around any other awards shows; they’re not jammed together with the Golden Globes, the SAGs, the Critics’ Choice, the Grammys, and, of course the Oscars. There is SO MUCH available to them. And still, what we saw last night was a carpet full of discards. What we saw last night, and Duana will be mad at me for saying this, was a carpet full of clothing for TELEVISION actors who, on style selection at least, demonstrated why there is still a gap (its very existence perpetuated by the players themselves) between TV and Film. How else can you explain all the f-cking taffeta?

Julie Bowen is a two time Emmy winner. Julie Bowen is on tv’s (current) most celebrated comedy. Julie Bowen chose a great colour, yes. But Julie Bowen’s dress was TAFFETA. Julie Bowen, Outstanding Supporting Actress, was indistinguishable from those girls who get up on stage year after year wishing for “world peace”.

Look at it.


And it’s embarrassing. Because...like...does it mean that they’re not picking up the phone over at Chanel or McQueen or Elie Saab for the Emmys? Or ... maybe it’s intentional. Maybe  television stars need to feel, I guess, closer to the folks at home, so they can’t dress too...unrelatably?

As always, we’re doing our best and worst. Just a quick note though about bests and worsts: it’s a relative grading scale. Yes Hayden Panettiere’s was a f-cked up dress. But Hayden Panettiere, you almost expected it anyway, right? And besides, Hayden Panettiere hardly matters. The bigger the star, the greater the crime when they make a bad choice. That too is the price you pay for climbing so high. Fair?