That’s what a lot of you were tweeting at me last night. That everyone was super shiny and too tanned. Evidently LA was really muggy on Sunday. And the Beverly Hilton needs a stronger air conditioner. You know what else the Globes needs?

How about Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda hosting? How about a bit with Lily and Jane and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? I wished for it during the show. It didn’t happen.

“Well… two things can be true” is a GREAT line. And, as you saw, not all the lines were great. The dresses were even worse.

There really wasn’t one in particular that made me want to punch myself in the tits with joy. Not one. Some people looked good, sure. But was there a breathless moment of delight? Was there a showstopper?

We will fight.

I know we will fight.

But for me, something tight and revealing isn’t enough to make it special.

As always, Duana and I love your emails and tweets. Keep sending them! Keep yelling at us! The debate is the best part of an award show!