Aside from a few moments here and there - thank you Adele - the Grammy Awards last night, they lacked something, right? For starters, several musicians performed twice. As Sarah noted during our liveblog, how is it that the Recording Academy can’t find enough artists to fill the show? And, well, if you can’t... why is the show 3 and a half hours? Please note, the length of the programme was decided well in advance of what happened on Saturday.

Like, where was Kanye West? Kanye West went into last night with the most nominations. In the end he won four, one during the main telecast. What is this world where Kanye West declines an opportunity to be on a stage celebrating himself?

Admit it. We could have all used some Kanye last night. And we all could have used some Beyonce. A LOT of Beyonce. Oh I know she bites your ass. But better an award show with Beyonce’s cockblocking as entertainment than an award show that bores you and then truly offends you.

When Duana and I first decided on our weekend blog gameplan, being that there were two events going down concurrently, we totally thought that the Grammy posts would outnumber the BAFTA ones. As it turns out, there’s more to say about the BAFTAs than the Grammys. You know what was most disheartening though? At the end of the night, during our phone call to split up writing assignments, Duana noted that she would not remember these Grammys for the loss of Whitney Houston but for how sickened she felt about Chris Brown.

A few select comments re the Grammys to follow. And click here to replay our LiveBlog.

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Attached - Val Kilmer arriving on the Grammy red carpet. He was nominated, ok? So he had an official reason to be there. Rebecca Black and Ebola Paris Hilton on the other hand...

I’m just saying the Recording Academy needs to have stricter standards.