New season of The Hills premiered last night. Am over it, didn’t watch. But apparently this is a minority sentiment. Here they are, all of them at a party to celebrate, and the cameras were there too. Of course.

Heidi, in a Herve Leger and white heels, as usual, looks like a mall girl. Audrina belongs in Blender. Whitney there are not enough photos of because she’s like watered down taupe, and Lauren’s in an assy maxi dress. But Lauren is a true celebrity, right? Unlike my Rumey?

Every couple of weeks or so, someone complains. She’s privileged, hasn’t earned it, doesn’t merit it, Rumer Willis is wrong. Can’t disagree.

But more people object to Rumey’s celebrity than Lauren’s… and part of the rationale is that, well, “at least Lauren is pretty”.


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