Believe it or not, the girls of The Hills have landed a Rolling Stone cover. Exclusive details from the shoot to follow…

Big surprise: Heidi is NOT the biggest bitch among the four girls. Well, she is. But not in the way you’d expect. More on that later.

The biggest bitch according to my sources is Whitney, followed in close second by Audrina. Whitney arrived last, Whitney was uncooperative with the stylist, Whitney had a face on the entire time, Whitney threw a tantrum over her makeup, her hair, her clothes, and Whitney apparently isn’t very bright.

But still not as dense as Audrina. Word is, Audrina is dumb as f&ck. With an attitude.

As for the photos themselves - everyone managed to behave, there was no hair pulling, positions were switched up just to make things fair, and while the atmosphere wasn’t exactly warm, the tension wasn’t unbearable. Heidi and Lauren kept their distance but did not open fire on each other either. But that’s not to say their dynamic isn’t extremely intriguing.

Heidi is a confident girl. Confident and cunning and NOT Spencer’s little minion. Heidi’s lack of shame is also apparently rather fascinating. She’s embarrassed by nothing, she’s up for anything, so long as whatever it is leads her to the top. And she is hungry. Hungry for fame, lusting for fame, and she’s more clever than anyone gives her credit for. She’ll also stop at nothing to get ahead.

Heidi worked the room. She made sure she massaged the egos of every crew member on that set. It was transparent and fake but better than the alternative. Better than Whitney. Because Heidi at leasat was polite, she was excessively charming, especially to the men, she went out of her way to make sure they would report back that she’s a nice person, that she worked hard, that she is ambitious but professional. And most intriguingly, she amped it up when she knew Lauren was watching.

Every time Heidi made a new friend, every time she schmoozed up a new person, Lauren would visibly shrink. The common observation about Lauren at the shoot is that she is “terribly insecure”. Painfully insecure. She spent the entire time watching Heidi out of the corner of her eye, obsessing over her own weight, moaning about being fat, and as a result, lashing out at those around her. Her complaining and her moaning got louder as Heidi’s popularity grew…to the point where some were surprised she actually made it through the shoot without collapsing from anxiety.

Interesting enough, most on the set were in agreement that Lauren is actually the more attractive girl, until her personality issues get in the way. Very pretty, very natural, very appealing … as opposed to Heidi who looks like a “f&cking femmebot”. Best remark about Heidi from the shoot?

“That’s some of the best plastic surgery I’ve ever seen. Wicked highlights too. She doesn’t come from money so now we all wanna know how she can afford it”.


Attached – Lauren partying with Frankie and Brody the other night. When is Brody going to get some better clothes?

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