Dear Gossips,

The Hollywood Reporter announced this week that it will no longer publish its annual list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Hollywood. Janice Min explained the rationale in a letter to readers here. In short, she no longer wants to pit women against each other and she no longer wants to support “a beauty pageant of brains where only one woman gets crowned” She further explains that “some women have publicly cried upon seeing their rankings. That is funny to some people. But it's depressing as hell to me”. Min posits that it might be time for women in the business to “hunt as a pack”.

The spirit behind the decision is understandable. And her intentions are good. Still, I don’t agree. I want to see a standalone list of 100 powerful women instead of the new list of 100 powerful people, combining men and women, because, well, for starters, inevitably the number of women on that list will decrease, right? Min also oversees the Billboard Power 100. Last year, there were 15 women on that list. What do you think the Hollywood 100 is going to look like?

With an independent all female Power 100, more women are represented. And I want to know them. I want to know who I’m going to try to work for. I also want to see that list changing and shifting and readjusting to account for the business decisions that these women are making. Because, yes, it’s competitive. And it should be. Again, I’ve been on this point for a while now…

Why shouldn’t women be competitive? If you had told me that some magazine was eliminating the Best Dressed ranking or the Most Beautiful top 100 list, I could get with that rationale. Because encouraging competition over clothes and/or physical appearance can be problematic. But the power list is supposed to be based on achievement and accomplishment. And why shouldn’t women compete with their heads, compete by achievement and accomplishment? In taking away this list, does it mean that women aren’t capable of being competitive when the competition is about THE WORK?!? That women can’t handle the pressure AT WORK?

Of course women should support each other. That doesn’t mean we can’t challenge each other in productive ways. When Duana writes a kick-ass post, when she’s singled out publicly by the showrunner of The Affair for her outstanding recaps, I’m the most excited for her but it’s also motivation. I want to be singled out for my writing too. I want to be acknowledged for my best work too. It drives me. It inspires me. When Duana is at the top of her game, she’s pushing me to get to the top of mine. And we still text each other about what sweaters to buy every day. So if there was a list for us? F-ck yeah we’d want to be on it. And if we were on it and Duana was #1 and I was #2? I’d be the first to send her food and flowers with a note card attached: Congratulations. You earned it. But I’m coming for you next year. And she would do the same to me.

Would you?

Let me know your thoughts.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,