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The Hollywood Reporter’s main focus in last week’s issue was China and its growing influence on Hollywood. The China Issue includes an interview with Crazy Rich Asians author Kevin Kwan on China rich and the obscene amounts of money being spent by the Chinese billionaire cohort. There’s also a good article on why Hollywood can’t break into the Chinese TV game.  And a fascinating look at Wanda Studios, the world’s largest movie-making facility, owned by China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, who has not bothered to hide his overt ambition to take over at least one of the big six Hollywood studios. Hollywood is terrified of him. And also can’t resist his money.


Every article is worth your time, and maybe even essential, in understanding the forces that are shaping Hollywood and where it’s heading. There are also two fascinating human interest stories that illustrate how culture is changing in China and the impact it’s having on the rest of the world. The first is a story about surrogacy – Chinese couples are driving the surrogacy boom, particularly in California. Many women are doing it to pay off student loans, cars, or save money to send their own children to college. For Chinese couples, they’re getting off on the idea that their child is being carried by someone who looks like an old-fashioned movie star. Apparently Asian surrogates are rare. It’s just like Constance Wu said – people of colour have been conditioned to bias as well.

And then there’s Jin Xing, China’s most popular talk show host. She was trained in the army. She was an internationally acclaimed dancer, praised by The New York Times and dance festivals around the United States. But instead of staying in America she wanted to go home, she preferred to pursue success in China and, also, become a woman there. Jin Xing is the first person in China to publicly undergo gender reassignment surgery. Like, with the government’s approval. And she’s now one of the most famous women in the country. They call her the Oprah of China! In China! Where you can’t even browse the internet freely! Click here to read the profile of Jin Xing at The Hollywood Reporter. If I were one of the producers of the Crazy Rich Asians movie, I’d totally be thinking of her for one of the parts. Maybe Nick’s mother?

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