Here are photos from the premiere last night. And it’s Hunger Games Week on etalk. My interviews with the cast and director - Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland, Lenny Kravitz, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, and Gary Ross - will air every day until the movie opens on March 23. More on this in a minute. First some quick and random notes on the carpet and on the actors:

Don’t love Jennifer Lawrence’s dress but I do very much like how it flatters her body. She has a tiny, tiny waist. And she has a really, really nice ass. She HAS an ass. And I don’t think she’s one of those who will lose her ass. Sitting across from her on the junket, I was pleasantly surprised to note that, unlike so many of her peers, she’s not smaller in person; she is the exact same in person. That is, she is a real person. With flesh! This might be the best makeup I’ve ever seen on her. Gorgeous.


The shots of Liam, Jennifer, and Josh all together...
We can draw a straight line down (or up, depending) that touches the tops of their heads, right? Their heights differences are very...symmetrical.

Please note - Stanley Tucci’s fiancée is Felicity Blunt, sister of Emily, a literary agent.

The Freebie Five is busted for some reason and Jacek hasn’t gotten around to fixing it but when it is fixed, Wes Bentley will be on it. Explanation to follow soon.

Donald Sutherland loves this role so much that when he talks about President Snow in interviews, he often cries.

Liam Hemsworth wears the SH-T out of a henley and it is very hard to focus being in a room with him. People, Miley’s boyfriend is CRAZY hot.

Lenny Kravitz told me he’s the Tom Ford of The Hunger Games.

And that’s all I can give you right now because of the embargo. I was in Los Angeles for The Hunger Games press weekend and screening two weeks ago. They have very specific instructions on when media can release proper reviews etc. Some of you have written to ask if that’s because there’s something to worry about.

The Hunger Games is tracking HUGE. I mean, they’re saying $70 million on the first weekend is on the LOW end. So no, it’s not the same as when a studio elects not to screen a movie for the press because Katherine Heigl is in it. What this is is a meticulous marketing strategy that has worked very well for them so far. Look at how they’ve rolled it out the last 6 months. This is the antithesis of John Carter. And they’re maintaining that control right up until The Hunger Games hits theatres. It’s also, they say, and I believe them, partly, in service of the fans. To protect them from knowing/seeing/feeling too much before they can actually experience it for themselves especially since this is the first one. This one will shape them all, right? After this one, the opportunity for imagination decreases.

In the coming days, every day, I promise you more insight on the cast, and more information about our interviews that didn’t make it onto etalk, and of course a comprehensive review, as soon as I’m allowed, but definitely well before it opens AND we’ll dedicate an entire liveblog to it too.