Mark Harris wrote a great article in the last issue of Entertainment Weekly about the piss poor offering at the movies this year. As in quality. This is not about the box office, this is about good films. And there haven’t been many. So few that How to Train Your Dragon is one of the only ones that’s top of mind.

So we must wait for The Kids Are Alright. It opens in limited release July 9th. PLEASE Shiloh bring it to Vancouver. Because they loved it at Sundance. And they’re already talking about like it’s an award season contender. And the trailer is amazing. And Mark Ruffalo is delightful.

Mark Ruffalo with Annette Bening and Julianne Moore?

Aren’t we all there, lining up already?

The Kids Are Alright opened the Los Angeles Film Festival last night. Not sure where Annette was but Mark was there with his wife and looks like he’s having a great time. Even when he’s not having a great time he won’t burden you with his bad time. Mark Ruffalo is a good person, one of the very, very best people in Hollywood.

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