Well of course he is.

TIFF closed this weekend and The King’s Speech won the festival’s People’s Choice Award. You know what else won the People’s Choice Award? Slumdog Millionaire two years ago and Precious in 2009. There is no doubt – Colin Firth is headed back to the Oscars. It’s just a matter of peaking too quickly and too much hype too early. When you have a chance though, please see it. You’ll love it, I promise.

Instead of including a proper pap photo, am attaching instead a photo from a reader called Isabel who found Colin and Livia (not pictured) outside the Windsor Arms on their cigarette break last week. Oh but he’s lovely, non? And so is she!

People kept asking me what my TIFF highlight was. Please. Of course it was attending his 50th birthday party. Now it’s easier to make believe we’re actually friends.

“Alright Bertie, it’s actually quite good fun.”

King's Speech Clip
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