The Social Network, as you know, has been winning everything. And most believed they would win the Producers’ Guild Award too. It’s not often that Hollywood folks are surprised at these events. But it was a surprise to most when the unstoppable TSN was passed over on Saturday night at the PGAs in favour of The King’s Speech – yay! The PGAs have accurately predicted the last three Best Picture Oscar winners. And so now its selection of The King’s Speech has slightly slowed TSN’s momentum. Should The King’s Speech win at the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards on Sunday, then it’ll be a real(ish) race.

Probably just a coincidence that Justin Timberlake, who hasn’t been present to support TSN at many of its previous wins, showed up to represent it at the PGAs where it suffered its first major defeat, right?


JT was there without Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, the two most notable actors fronting the film. He was all smiles with Aaron Sorkin, Armie Hammer, Amy Poehler, the film’s producers, but no Jessica Biel, preferring instead to enjoy this run without his girl. Which is why she had to make sure she was shot in Hawaii, in a bikini, showing off a fit, tight, and impressive body.

Just to give you an idea of how this sh-t works – these photos (click here) were embargoed for several days last week and shopped around at a major premium to blogs who can afford it, and to the magazines. Because they’re exclusive, yes, but also because of the resolution. Look at the quality of these images. They’re Ebola Hilton quality. When Ebola Hilton hits the beach in Hawaii, it’s a close range photo shoot. And these, these are exactly the same.

Photos from Kevin Winter/