Today is the day that my Angelic Soul Mate was born! Time to celebrate! Time to get festive! I LOOOOVE YOU @MariahCarey KKLB - Nick Cannon’s Twitter, but his words pretty much represent the feeling across the Lambily...

Mariah Carey was born 42 years ago today.

How are you celebrating?

This is Mimi’s first birthday as a mother after an exhausting, taxing year that saw her giving birth to dem babies who weighed SO HEAVILY ON HER POOR BODY and made her life so difficult carrying them around. Then she had to lose the weight. Then her husband ruined her holiday with his collapsed lung and kidney failure and chronic illness.

It is the wish of every lamb that Mimi’s 42nd is full of happiness with no stress. She totally deserves.

This Mimi song doesn’t get enough love.