Like I said yesterday, I"m all for Paris + Big Greek Redux. Pro-love, remember? But here"s what kills me about Paris. On the one hand, she"s capable of a sweet, almost tender moment like this - a photo taken from behind, two young lovers reunited on the Riviera, blue sea, windswept, even a hardened cynical bitch like me can appreciate the appeal. Then there"s the flipside. F&ck. I can"t even look at that for too long before I start to feel uncomfortable. I mean check out his expression, head thrown back, eyes closed, lips slightly parted - they"re not naked but they might as well be and seriously…how does this even happen? How do you get to the point of complete abandon that you not only allow yourself to "go there" in public, you also don"t care when you"re photographed in the process?!? What would your mother say? What would MY mother say? Can you even imagine??? Photo source