This is not gossip. But it is very, very sweet.

You KNOW the Marble Rye Lady. If you watch Seinfeld you must know the Marble Rye Lady. Her name is Franny (Frances) Bay, infamous victim of Jerry’s rye theft incident who returned to testify against him and his hilariously reprehensible friends in the series finale.

Franny also has the distinction of being Fonzie’s grandmother from Happy Days and Adam Sandler’s granny in Happy Gilmore’s – for whom he started playing pro golf in the first place after the bank foreclosed on her house. Those scenes of grandma when Happy goes to his “Happy Place” always kill me. Grandma plays the slots!!! Click here to see

So Franny is Canadian. She’s from Dauphin, Manitoba and she has had a long, eventful career including a Gemini-winning turn in Road to Avonlea.

Franny is now 90. And Franny’s family and friends are joining together in an effort to get Franny her very own Star on Canada’s Walk of Fame.

I’m sorry…I can’t resist. Please help Franny get her own star. Sign the petition here Just enter your name, no need to fill in email addresses, no need to provide contact information. She just needs your vote!!!