Mimi was in Macau (likely paid by some gambling billionaire to sing 3 songs for upwards of half a million) and just posted this on Instagram. You walk sideways to get onto a private plane, didn’t you know? And just off camera, two bodyguards have their arms outstretched just in case she topples over. I want to know how big that plane is. Because it would be a production getting that dress off her, requiring at least an assistant if not two.

Anyway, about the Nicki Minaj situation...

There have been no new developments between the two of them the last couple of days as they’ve not been working together but Stevie Nicks managed to keep the story alive during an interview with the Daily in which she sided with Mimi, of course:

“How dare this little girl! If I had been Mariah, I would have walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there. I would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it.”

Not surprisingly, an apology has now been issued:

“I want to apologize for my remarks about Nicki Minaj’s behavior toward Mariah Carey, which I said during a long and exhausting day of interviews. It was very out of character for me and I deeply regret what I said. I feel very protective toward Mariah Carey, who has gone through many difficulties in her life and I spoke without thinking. I think all artist[s] should be respectful toward one another and that includes me. I am truly sorry.”

Loser: Stevie Nicks

Loser: Still Nicki Minaj

Winner: Obviously always my Mimi

A musical legend defends her, then has to apologise, and in that apology seeks sympathy for Mariah Carey! Look at her sidestepping on the plane -- does she look like she needs sympathy?