I like the new Sienna. The new Sienna is working hard, she is focused, she is making a movie she is proud of. And clean is always better than not clean, know what I mean?

The new Sienna is also trying to cut a lower profile, starting of course with the wardrobe, meant to convey that transition...another leap in her iconic style journey?


The new Sienna is still not a style icon. And it is still confounding why she is incessantly referred to as one.

Check it out, last night at the Glamour Awards in London, Sienna in a black dress and homely hair, with a killer pair of black patents totally unsuited to her frock. And then there’s that famous Turtle Neck. They’re taught to stick out their chins to avoid doubles, the problem is that when it’s not done right, they look like this – like her neck has been cut off. Worse yet, like she’s trying much too hard.

And that, combined with the decidedly unelegant way she holds her body, with such an obvious lack of grace… style icon??? Hate to harp but really???

Must just be me…