Dear Gossips,

What’d I miss? A lot of Mimi, yeah.

Thanks for your well-wishes yesterday. And I’m sorry again for the gossip interruption. Let’s get caught up. But first, today’s read recommendation, which was supposed to be yesterday’s read recommendation:

The New Yorker profile on Billy Eichner or Billy On The Street. Few people can run down the street yelling “Lesbians! Jews! Lesbians! Jews!” and not only get away with it but make it funny. Seth Meyers describes it as “almost like the skill of a really good con man”. And it’s especially amazing considering that by conventional TV standards, “streeters” (going out onto the street and interviewing people) are basically the worst. It’s basically the tattoo of local television.

What I like most about this article though is the focus on Billy’s relationship to pop culture. He’s an exceptional student. But he’s also not a slave to fame…yet. In fact, it’s precisely that push and pull between celebrity fascination and celebrity disgust, mixed with self-disgust, that makes Billy so effective. He can’t help but be drawn to them. He hates himself for being drawn to them. In the time of Instagram, he’s exactly the mirror we need right now.

Billy was at the Turner Upfront yesterday promoting his show. Now that he himself has become a star though, will Billy’s perspective change? And how?

Click here to read the piece.

Yours in gossip,