The Newsroom Season 1 Episode 6 recap

The following are some of the mistakes made by women in this episode:

Mixing up Georgia the state and Georgia the country.

Thinking “LOL” means “Lots Of Love” – even when you were born in 1988.

Changing your mind about something to do with your career because there is the promise of Gucci clothing.

Feeling someone’s pecs while trying to get someone to give you career advice and take you seriously.

“Outing” a guest on national television when they didn’t say anything on air.   Forgetting until you’re in trouble that the information was given to you off the record.

Using opposition research to get stuff you can “use” for your own personal purposes.

Using the arguably inappropriate term “Eskimo”.

Telling a woman who is your superior that her wisdom leads to (explosion sounds).

Agreeing that your wisdom leads to (explosion sounds)

The following are most of the mistakes made by men in this episode:

Not allowing for the possibility that a comment section could be hacked by a computer in less than the predicted 50 years.

“Scaring”  a coworker into making a mistake when you are “just trying to motivate them”. “There’s no way she’d done that if I hadn’t given her my awesome pep talk.”

Using incongruous “cultural” terms like Kurosawa and Madame Butterfly while discussing Japanese people.

Buying a ring to get the best of a woman you are supposed to respect .

Being too ruthlessly critical and abusive of a guest on your show when your views vehemently oppose his.

Referring, repeatedly, to a female colleague as “girl”.  Making a joke about it. 

This episode was all about how sometimes people are scared, and that stops them from doing their jobs properly, or act out of character.  

So I want to know who’s scaring Aaron Sorkin.   If this is the case and people only do bad work when they are being intimidated into doing so,  then that means he’s scared to absolute death of someone.   

Because why else?  Why else is this show like this?  Why is it so concerned with integrity in its anchors but not at all upset that a bodyguard hit on an executive producer?   Isn’t that sexual harassment?  No, of course I don’t actually think Mackenzie was offended but if you’re going to adhere to the letter of the law with one thing why not everything?  

Why, in a last minute fix that makes you all look stupid, does your “girl” get excoriated for making a mistake she didn’t make, while being given the empty statement that  someone will stand “beside and in front of” her if there’s fallout, assuming that having to lie about something you were right about doesn’t count as fallout?

Why does someone having made a mistake – warranted or not – mean that their punishment is being called “girl” and a rectification of that mistake means that the horribly offensive term can be removed?   Not only is this the highest order of bullsh-t, but it also takes away from a really interesting use of language.   The show used the n-word  - and someone said it aloud - in what I would consider to be “proper” context:   it’s something that we are unsurprised to see in the comments area of an unregulated blog.    But they were so incredibly worried that it might be offensive, I guess, that we forgot about that moment in and around all the other offensive words that were used, not to mention the inexplicable “Will might have a death threat” storyline that seemed to exist just to have Terry Crews saying funny things.

I don’t care.   I don’t care that McAvoy is learning that he scares people; the fact that it’s because of/in spite of  an abusive father seems cheap, as does the fact that we learned all this in an ersatz therapy session.   I don’t care because he refers to  Mackenzie, a woman he lied to and belittled in this episode alone, as “my most trusted partner”.   Aside from the fact that it’s visibly untrue and he obviously trusts Charlie more,  I don’t want to watch a man who can lie like that with impunity while making a big fuss over the truth or lies of the “little sister” he’s entrusted with.

Think I’m boring?  That the harping on the inequality of men & women on this show is enough already, and I should move on?  ME TOO.   But the “news story” this week was barely a story – maybe because they decided showing some of the footage of the earthquake would be exploitative, but then choose a different story, maybe?  There were no inner workings of the newsroom this week; that meant we were mercifully short on Jim and Maggie, but there was nothing here that wasn’t silly women and resentful men. 

“How are you still working here?”  Indeed.