Two months ago Katie Holmes was a dead-eyed joke. Do not pretend you don’t remember it. But it’s getting harder and harder to remember it, isn’t it? In two weeks Katie Holmes has gone from robot to independent asskicker. It’s an extraordinary image overhaul, similar perhaps to Angelina Jolie’s. And over a shorter amount of time. Like Angelina though, it’s now time to exploit and brand. Why not take advantage?

You already know about Holmes & Yang showing at Fashion Week in New York in September. Katie’s also starring in and producing a new movie she wrote called Molly. (By the way, Molly is apparently about a biracial girl, aged 11.) My sources tell me everyone is sending her everything. Appearance requests, screenplays, directors want to meet her, and Hollywood wants to cash in. Of course Hollywood wants to cash in.

Interestingly enough, according to my sources, part of her divorce negotiation involved promotion and timing. That Tom’s side asked that Katie lie low when his movie comes out so as to avoid a reminder of their drama when he’s trying to get people into theatres. Well... that might be a challenge.

As one contact said to me yesterday, “Do not be surprised to see her on the cover of US Vogue within the next 6 months. Anna Wintour is all over it.” Has Katie Holmes ever covered American Vogue? A single Katie Holmes just might cover American Vogue.

Attached - Katie and Suri out in New York yesterday.

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