She was wearing Azzedine Alaia on Oscar night but upon her return home, the airline lost her luggage and when her belongings were returned 2 days later everything, including the dress and an exclusive pair of Jimmy Choos were ruined in the rain. Victoria is apparently despondent over the loss and could barely be consoled. And truth be told, without a trace of sarcasm, I don’t blame her. Honestly. Sure our world is plagued with many other tragedies and a minor inconvenience like this is of course absolutely nothing compared to the suffering of those less fortunate. But still. Being that I’m shallow and superficial, if I owned a vintage Alaia and a pair of Jimmy’s that won’t ever be made again and they were both ruined because my LV trunks were sitting on a tarmac, I’d be almost suicidal too. And so you would you. Don’t. Lie. Oh and one more thing – the new ‘do. Can’t say it enough - the new ‘do ROCKS. Sigh. If only I had the balls… Source and Source