The Queen celebrated her actual 90th birthday in April but this weekend is the mega blowout in London. All mega blowouts start at church, which is where the royal family gathered today for a thanksgiving service. The Queen wore yellow. Samantha Cameron went sleeveless though. And everyone’s been screaming at her on Twitter for being rude. We all also screamed at each other at our morning meeting at The Social about this with some arguing that it was a travesty and others shouting about archaic standards because what Mrs Cameron was wearing was perfectly fine and respectful. Which side are you on?

I’m on the side of Princess Catherine of William Cambridge has the worst style. Baby blue is practically immoral to me at this point. Baby blue and lace is pure evil. And pairing all of that with suede shoes? No more. Please. No more. She, Camilla, and Sophie Wessex were practically in the same outfit. Which is fine. But then stop calling Katy a fashion icon!

Kate also wore blue last night at the SportsAid gala. Also not a sexy shade. But not as offensive as the powder tone. And I do like a shoulder cutout. But she has a way of boring-down all her outfits that make it impossible to say much more.

This weekend then, during this full up royal orgasm, we may have to look to the York princesses. Beatrice’s black and white patterned coat is amazing.