There are more photos of this event to come in the next article but the Queen deserves her moment alone, don’t you think? Especially when she’s receiving an award for a change instead of handing one out.

And an acting award at that!

The Queen was presented an honourary BAFTA award yesterday for her support of British film and television but, really, let’s be honest, it was for her performance as a Bond Girl at the Olympics. Look at her! She’s as delighted as Anne Hathaway but infinitely less gushy.

Kenneth Branagh was chosen to represent the Academy at the occasion. A fine choice, obviously. But... aren’t you secretly disappointed, a little, that it wasn’t Helen Mirren? Come on.

Today the Queen was back at work in a much less fancy setting visiting the Mars chocolate factory in Slough. (Wernham Hogg!) As you can see, the Queen seems equally as engaged learning about how they make candy bars as she is when she’s being recognised as a thespian. You really think Her Majesty eats Mars?