It’s right there!
Right there!
Sit on it!

She didn’t. And maybe that’s a smart move. Because nothing good, so far, has come from anyone sitting on the Iron Throne.

Her Majesty visited the set of Game Of Thrones today in Belfast. Certain members from the cast were there too. I see Sansa Stark, Gidget, Jon Snow, and Cersei Lannister…

Am imagining how that conversation went.

Oh, and who do you play? What does your character do?

My character f-cks her twin and obsessively avenges their incesty children.

No of course that didn’t happen. But do you think there was a conversation in advance preventing it from happening?

Hey, Lena Headey, when the Queen comes up to you and asks you some questions, can you please refrain from talking about how you play a woman who has sex with her sibling?

Sh-t, what we are going to do with ourselves on Sunday nights for the next 10 months?