The Queen was accompanied by her grandchildren today in Nottingham while Prince Philip continues to recover. Prince William and his Catherine coordinated their clothes. But, as you can see, this time Kate decided to go with a pair of black pumps instead of her usual nude ones. The British tabloids were bitching all last week about how often she wears them. Now that you can see the difference though, don’t you miss the nudes? I hate these black heels. A lot.

The Princess’s coat is, once again, a recycle. Already they’re suggesting that she chose it because she needs the extra room. Several weeklies are speculating about baby because...she allegedly looked fuller during Jubilee week than usual? Sometimes I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same person. Is it possible to have body dysmorphia for OTHER people?

I love that Her Majesty isn’t afraid of bright lipstick. It’s worn off in most of the photos but at the beginning of the day, those lips were almost fuchsia.