Obviously this is not the portrait we expected in 1981 looking ahead 30 years. And those of you loyal to Diana would say that it disgusts you to see this woman who caused Diana so much grief be embraced the way she’s been, so much so that she was invited today to sit next to the Queen in the carriage. But this is indeed how it turned out. Camilla is, whether we like it or not, the Matriarch of the Family Wales. William and Harry they get on with her quite well, having long ago accepted that she made their father happy. Look at the five of them then, standing on the steps outside church, almost like any other ordinary family - the kids laughing at goofy dad, and mom smiling benevolently surrounded by her children. Why is it getting harder and harder for me to be bitter about this? Am I failing Diana? Or would she concede too, petty and manipulative as she was, that it’s worth it so long as her boys are in a good place?

When Charles ascends, Camilla will be Queen. We don’t talk about this enough. We talk often about when Charles will finally reign and if he should step aside for his son but we do not, hardly ever, discuss the fact that when it’s his time, it will be Camilla’s time too. Two years ago there was still question as to whether or not Camilla would actually be given that title or take “Princess Consort” instead. Then Will and Kate were married. And they went on tour. And Harry went on tour and behaved himself too. And everyone’s got royal fever from all this Jubilee action. And suddenly...

The Royals are rising. And Camilla rose with them.

When it’s finally Charles’s throne, I’m not sure there will be much objection to it anymore, to Queen Camilla, especially if William, Harry, and Catherine stand firmly behind her.