The Rock Dwayne Johnson is shooting a movie in Vancouver called Tooth Fairy. He plays a professional hockey player. But the Rock can’t skate. So they’ve had to shoot around his deficiency, which is why his blades have been cut off, as you can see from these exclusive images courtesy Punkd Images.

I thought he was an athlete?

Even Pippy Timberlake practised skating for his massive Fail The Love Guru. Perhaps the shoot schedule was too tight to allow enough time for the Rock to do the same? Or is he just not cut out for the ice?

That’s one thing about my husband. He has no style, he tells bad jokes, he thinks showers are optional, but the man can skate sexy. He was born to skate. Easily the most naturally gifted skater on the ice… but without losing the manly man feel.

Here in Canada, it’s kind of a big bonus. So about the Rock? Don’t care how hard his muscles pop, don’t care how many beef roles go into his beefy legs. The fact that he doesn’t want to skate and can’t skate because of it?

Limp. Weak. Dealbreaker.

Photos from Punkd Images