The Rock confirmed yesterday on Twitter that Zac Efron would be joining him in the Baywatch movie.

Zac Efron then co-confirmed that he would be joining The Rock in the Baywatch movie.

“Brother.” UGH.

So if The Rock is the Hoff character, does that make Zac Efron the new David Charvet?

So, basically, Zac Efron will now only look at scripts that require him to take his shirt off. Which used to be the Matthew McConaughey approach, thank you Matt Damon, and that resulted in an Oscar, many, many years later, when McConaughey decided he wanted to make serious movies, and car commercials.

You can next see Zac with his shirt off in the upcoming We Are Your Friends. The premiere was in London tonight and Zac, as you can see, was all kinds of try-cool in his leather jacket and cheesy grin. We Are Your Friends opens on August 28th. They must be hoping it rains that weekend.