Duana and I are working together today, like old school, at a coffee shop, our laptops side-by-side, trying to focus but also, obviously, getting distracted, often. By JK Rowling defending the decision to cast a black Hermione and all the f-ckers trying to tell her it’s wrong. By Broad City and Black-ish. By young men with man buns, cuffed sweatpants, smug voices, and aviator shades. (I hate them.) And by Dwayne the Rock Johnson calling his newborn daughter Jasmine. You probably know how we feel about Jasmine, the name. But does Jasmine go with Simone? The Rock’s 14 year old daughter is Simone. Simone and Jasmine? I posited to Duana that while Jasmine isn’t, um, the elegance, it does share common sounds with Simone so…at least there’s that?


Simone is a gorgeous name. And while Jasmine’s work options might be limited, Simone could grow up to be anything, whereas Jasmine, as Duana pointed out, has been ruined by the “Y” and the “Z”.




Once that happened, Jasmine was lost, forever.

Jasmine, Duana notes, is like Jackson. Because Jackson has been corrupted by a rogue letter too – the “X”. And sometimes the “Y”.




Did you know that Justin Bieber has siblings called Jaxon and Jazmyn? Duana didn’t until I just told her, five minutes ago. And you should have seen her triumphant expression in response.