If you are able to, definitely check out the Opening Ceremony for the Paralympics. I’ve been streaming it for the last couple of hours. It’s goose pimply and fist pumpy and it would make most people cry, but not Her Majesty of course because this is not how we express emotion in public, is it?

The Queen was in attendance tonight. As were the Cambridges, William and Catherine, who were seated quite a distance from their grandmother. The position of honour went to her youngest son Prince Edward and his wife Sophie who, by succession at least, were certainly not the most senior royals present. According to succession protocol, as you know, Will ranks higher than his uncle. Remember on June 5, on Diamond Jubilee Day, the Queen appeared on the balcony at Buckingham Palace with only Charles and his family - click here for a refresher. This however was not a proper royal occasion; the Queen is merely (I felt bad writing this word so close to hers) a guest at this show and not the subject, so I suppose who sits beside her and why doesn’t carry much significance. I’m just curious about how these things are decided and when. Is it something Her Majesty thinks about at dinner? And is it a formal announcement when she’s made up her mind? Do they send a telegram over to Edward’s to alert him that he’s been ordered to sit beside his mother? And, even though it’s unlikely, would Will and Kate have been closer to the Queen if Harry wasn’t photographed in Vegas cupping his balls? Now you know why there was no way Harry was coming tonight. Grandmother does not want to be associated with him right now.

He’s in exile!

Since hair, fake or real, is my preoccupation these days, and I’m trying to make it yours...

What about Kate?