Perhaps regarded as the most prestigious awards - being honoured by their peers - but the SAGs no matter how you cut it, absolutely do not have the glam, glitz, or papow factor as some of the others – which is why they are telecast on TBS and arbitrarily skipped on occasion as they were this year by so many of the acting elite. Still… in spite of its 2nd class status in comparison to the Globes, the SAGs are undeniably much more accurate at predicting Oscar gold, so if Sunday night was any indication, it might mean that Little Miss Sunshine will be the Little Movie That Could - $7 million to make, many more millions to market, an indie darling stealing the thunder from major studio productions… is it possible? Get your ballots ready… As for the clothes – don’t know about you but I was bored. The TV stars were overdressed, the real movie stars played conservative, and Goddess bless Abigail Breslin who at 10 years old has not yet learned the art of masking disappointment. I loved watching her face fall, and not because I’m a sadist bitch but because once in a while, it’s nice to see that Hollywood still has a soul…somewhere. Commentary to follow – your feedback is always welcome.