Due to the writers’ strike, this could be it. The SAG Awards – the only big splash carpet of the season. And it’s over. And there was a major upset: Ruby Dee beating out Cate Blanchett for Best Supporting Actress… Is this a sign of things to come come Oscar? Every other acting category seems to be locked up. So if a shake-up is in store, this is probably the category where it will happen. 

Other than that… no real surprises. Yes yes yes for The Office! Yes, yes, yes for Tina Fe! THE Tina Fey. The Tina Fey who called Ebola Paris Hilton a “piece of sh*t” on live radio. Because of Tina Fey, there just might be hope for Hollywood. 

For a full list of winners, click here.

This, however, is about who wore what, who looked like sh*t, and of course … the Porn. Did the Pitts put on a show, or what? 

All the smutty details to come, and where the hell was George Clooney??? Did I miss him? Did you see him? If he was absent, it’s highly unusual. Especially since Warners is re-releasing Michael Clayton in theatres ahead of the film’s DVD street date in February. Given that he is the best (and only) salesperson for the movie, it’s rather intriguing that he’d skip such a high profile opportunity to promote it. 

Thank Xenu for Viggo. Viggo brought the quiver. And … 

Tom Cruise. 

Don’t slap the Chinese outta me but Tom actually looked kinda… cute!

Keep refreshing! Photos on the way!

UPDATE: George is sick. Publicist won"t elaborate on what"s ailing him though he also cut short a UN trip last week. Best wishes for a speedy recovery - he can't afford to lose any more weight.